Author: Toni Wilson

  • how to make coconut cream at home

    How to Make Coconut Cream at Home

    ​Have you ever wanted to make your own coconut cream at home? It’s actually pretty easy to do, and only requires a few ingredients. In this blog post, I’m going to show you how to make coconut cream at home, using just a few simple ingredients. What You Need for Coconut Milk To make coconut…

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  • Coconut Butter Vs Coconut Oil

    Coconut Butter Vs Coconut Oil: What’s The Difference?

    There’s no doubt that coconuts are having a moment. They’re popping up everywhere, fromthe beach to the grocery store to our kitchen cabinets. But with all of the differentcoconut products on the market, it can be hard to know which one to use for what.Should you be cooking with coconut butter vs coconut oil? What’s…

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  • Vegan Baking With Aquafaba

    Vegan Baking with Aquafaba Egg Substitute

    Introduction Vegan baking has become a popular trend in recent years, driven by health-conscious consumers seeking plant-based alternatives to traditional ingredients. One such innovative and versatile substitute gaining traction in the vegan baking community is Aquafaba. Derived from the liquid found in canned chickpeas, Aquafaba offers a remarkable egg-like consistency and a myriad of possibilities…

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  • Transitioning To A Vegan Lifestyle

    14 Smart Tips For Transitioning To A Vegan Lifestyle

    Are you curious about transitioning to a vegan lifestyle but don’t know where to start? You’re not alone. Making the switch from an omnivorous diet to a plant-based one can be daunting, especially if you’re used to consuming animal products on a regular basis. But with the right knowledge and resources, it’s easier than you…

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  • Environmental Impact Of Animal Agriculture

    Devastating Environmental Impact Of Animal Agriculture In 2023

    You may not realize it, but your food choices have a significant impact on the environment. In particular, animal agriculture has a profound effect on our planet’s health. As a consumer of meat and dairy products, you are contributing to deforestation and agricultural land degradation, loss of biodiversity, soil erosion, decreased carbon sequestration, water pollution,…

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  • Vegan Alternatives

    Vegan Alternatives To Common Non-Vegan Foods

    Are you looking for healthier and more ethical food choices? Adopting a vegan lifestyle is becoming increasingly popular, and it’s not hard to see why. By eliminating animal products from your diet, you can reduce your carbon footprint, improve your overall health, and save the lives of countless animals. However, if you’re used to consuming…

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  • Plant-Based Nutrition

    Plant-Based Nutrition and Meal Planning: 2023 Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

    Did you know that the number of people following a plant-based diet has quadrupled in the past decade? According to a study by GlobalData, around 6% of Americans now identify as vegan, and over one-third of consumers actively seek out plant-based alternatives. This trend is not just limited to the United States – it’s happening…

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  • Benefits Of A Vegan Lifestyle

    The Many Benefits of a Vegan Lifestyle: Health, Environment, and More

    Are you ready to experience a transformational lifestyle change that has the power to positively impact your health, the environment, and the world around you? Look no further than adopting a vegan lifestyle. By making this choice, you will be joining a growing movement of individuals who are committed to promoting sustainability, social justice, and…

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